ChurchInfo is Ten Years Old!

I just noticed that this project was registered on SourceForge ten years ago!

It certainly has been a fun ride, getting to know people from all over the world with the common goal of caring for our churches.  We are serving churches of every denomination I ever heard of.  If you Google "free church database" we have been one of the first results almost from the very beginning.  Almost every day I get emails from people asking, "How much does it cost?" or "Is this software really free?".  I always enjoy answering "nothing" and "yes!".

It is impossible to know how many churches are using ChurchInfo, but here are a few numbers:

The latest version 1.2.13 has been downloaded 15,320 times.

162 churches have registered their installations.

1050 discussions have been registered on the SourceForge forums.

24 developers have participated in developing the code for this project.  Most developers participate for a while to contribute features that are particularly useful to their own churches.

The great thing about a pure volunteer project is that we don't have to worry about money at all.  We can't go bankrupt.  We speed up when more developers participate and slow down when they finish their tasks and move on.

This seems like a great time to thank the developers and all the churches that have inspired us.  I'm looking forward to the next ten years!

Michael Wilt
ChurchInfo Team Leader

Collecting Attendance Data

About our demo

Our demo installation is used by many experimenters to evaluate ChurchInfo.  Please let us know promptly if you have any trouble logging in, or if the configuration or data already in the demo is hindering your evaluation.  We frequently reset the demo site data.

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