ECHO Service Transition

Intuit has given notice that the ECHO electronic transaction processing services will be terminated soon.  This is a shame, but also an opportunity to upgrade!  There will be a new release of ChurchInfo replacing the ECHO service with a similar service from  This version should be available in time to transition before the ECHO service is discontinued.  Please contact your bank and see if they offer merchant services through  If so, you should be able to complete an application and activate merchant services through your own bank.  If you cannot use your own bank you can still transition to a new back-end service through Intuit.  If you have any questions please use the Contact Us button to send a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Collecting Attendance Data

About our demo

Our demo installation is used by many experimenters to evaluate ChurchInfo.  Please let us know promptly if you have any trouble logging in, or if the configuration or data already in the demo is hindering your evaluation.  We frequently reset the demo site data.

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