New UK Installation

Chris and Julie Turner wrote to me recently after we got them up and running in the UK. I am posting this message with their permission:

As a Church we identified the need to have better systems and structures in place so that we could effectively communicate and care for those attending.  We endeavoured to write a bespoke system using Open Office but obviously this was not web based and was going to take quite a lot more work before all the Team could have access.

This was when we found your online Church Database and instantly realized that we needed to stop work on our system and develop this instead.  We have never regretted this decision and within a few weeks we were at a point of being able to enter data.  Tomorrow we go live with our Senior Leadership team and I am sure the feedback will be very positive.  We have never had this level of data management and we have programmed everything down to our small group contacts too.

This will be a great tool for our Church and we are extremely thankful to Mike and the Team for providing all of this for free.  Not only have we saved money but also time as the functionality is so quick and easy to program.

We are extremely thankful we found the ChurchInfo Database; we appreciate all your hard work to make this available to us.

Best wishes
Chris and Julie Turner

Collecting Attendance Data
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