Version 1.2.13 Candidate Ready

Please see below under "Help Test The Very Latest" if you can help with some final testing.

It has been too long since our last release and the world has been speeding along!  This next release contains some new features but the primary focus is compatibility with newer versions of PHP and MySQL.  Please help test by beating on our automatically-built alpha version.  See "Help Test The Very Latest" below.  This version is available both as a demo installation on our web site and a gzip file if you want to install it in your own test environment.  Now would be a great time to create bug trackers for any issues you encounter.

In addition to updates for compatibility with newer versions of PHP and MySQL this release contains:

  1. Improvements to the Fund Raiser features including batch entry of winning bids
  2. Improvements to the Google Congregation Map, updated for latest Google maps API
  3. Bulk email from the cart can now have a file attached
  4. Newer versions of the fpdf and phpmailer libraries
  5. A new Spanish translation and an updated German translation
  6. Several new rough translations based on Google: these language codes are all available now: de_DE, en_AU, en_GB, es_ES, fr_FR, hu_HU, it_IT, nb_NO, nl_NL, pt_BR, sv_SE, zh_CN, zh_TW
  7. MRBS and WebCalendar integration now supports whatever version you are running (there is no longer an MRBS fork in ChurchInfo)

The next release will be more feature-oriented.  There are lots of great ideas in the feature request trackers.  The feature requests currently topping the list include:

  1. Installation automation and simplification
  2. Integration with an email service such as MailChimp
  3. Email pledge reminders and statement
  4. Self-registration to maintain personal contact information
  5. Lots of tweaks based on Feature Request Trackers
Collecting Attendance Data

About our demo

Our demo installation is used by many experimenters to evaluate ChurchInfo.  Please let us know promptly if you have any trouble logging in, or if the configuration or data already in the demo is hindering your evaluation.  We frequently reset the demo site data.

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