March 5, 2024

Major new feature: Self-Service Interface

The self-service interface allows members to maintain their own personal
information, enter pledges and electronic payment methods, and make immediate
or scheduled electronic donations.  This interface is designed to be easily
embedded in a church web site or it can run stand-alone.  The starting point
for the self-service interface is SelfRegisterHome.php.

Support for newer versions of PHP and MySQL (now MariaDB)

The developers of PHP have obsoleted the mysql library that was used in
previous versions of ChurchInfo.  This release uses the newest library for
compatibility with PHP 7.  Many of the developers of MySQL have moved to
a new purely open-source database called MariaDB which is based on MySQL and
fully compatibly with ChurchInfo.  Several of the query constructs used in
previous versions of ChurchInfo are now unsupported and have been updated
in this release.

Electronic donations through Vanco

The new self-service interface supports electronic donations through Vanco
only.  There will probably be another release soon to support Authorize.NET
and perhaps Moneris if there is interest.

Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements

There are numerous bug fixes and minor improvements in this release.  Details
are in the Git repository “CodeGit” on SourceForge.

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