June 23, 2024

We can now host private demo installations to facilitate your evaluation process.  These demo installations are created in randomly named directories.  The purpose of these private demos is to give you a chance to experiment in your own space.  You can enter a little data, show your minister and your treasurer how it works, without having to worry about someone changing the admin password or deleting half the menu options.  Your demo space will be private but not particularly secure or permanent.  Please don’t put a lot of work into it as it will be deleted in about a week unless you ask for more time.  Assuming your evaluation goes well please plan to download and install in your own world as soon as possible.

Please don’t put nonsense for contact information.  Your contact information will only be used to communicate about ChurchInfo and will not be shared or sold for any other purpose.  If you put nonsense in the Private Demo Form your demo will probably be recycled soon and you will get Error 404 page not found while trying to use your private demo.

To get started with your private demo use this link: Private Demo Form

If you have any trouble with the private demo please use the “Contact us” link at the top of the page and tell us what happened.  We should be able to fix it for you.

To our international users

You can set the language by changing sLanguage in Admin->Edit General Settings.  ChurchInfo currently supports the following settings: de_DE (German), en_AU (Australian English), fr_FR (French, not updated recently), it_IT (Italian, not updated recently), nl_NL (Dutch), pt_BR (Brazilian Portuguese), sv_SE (Swedish).  If you would like to develop a new translation please let me know!

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