July 24, 2024

Introduction Video

This is a very quick demonstration video showing operation of our demo installation.  You can use the demo any time starting from the link near the bottom of this page.  If the shared demo gets too messed up please send me a message and I will reset it.

Watch introduction

Self-Service Features Video

This video uses the nightly build demonstration to show off the new self-services feature in release 1.3.0.  The nightly build is reset every night so it is a good place to do experiments starting from a fresh installation.

Watch self-service

Financial Features Video

A lot of people have been watching the quick introduction video so I decided to make another one focusing on the deposit slip.  I get a lot of questions about the financial features of ChurchInfo and this video answers many of the most common questions.  If you would like to see more videos for other subjects please use the contact link to send me email.

Watch financial features

Installation Demonstration

This new video shows the latest version of ChurchInfo being installed on a free server service.

Watch Installation on Free Server

These two videos take you through the entire process of installing on a commercial server.  These videos are older and the server services have improved since the videos were made.  The free server installation above is more representative of modern server services.

Watch installation

Watch test and debug

Auction Automation

This video is about using the ChurchInfo FundRaiser feature to facilitate an auction event.

Watch Auction

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